Makian Parvar Sepid Shargh Company has been established by Dr. Reza Ghafourzadeh Yazdi with more than 10 years of experience in the poultry industry with the aim of increasing productivity in poultry production and breeding. It has boards of experienced teams and staffs providing consulting in all matters of poultry breeding and also participate in breeding farms. Partnering with breeder chicken farms, selecting the best day-old chicks, producing concentrate-ready feed, improving conversion rates, preparing breeding halls, providing vaccination programs, diagnosing and treating infectious diseases in breeding flocks are among the most important missions of this company.​​​​​​​

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Makian Parvar Sepid Shargh Co

درباره استدیو طراحی بهرنگ


Veterinary support

Providing vaccination program, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases


Veterinary medicine/drugs

Experienced staffs, providing a variety of veterinary services

Equipped Veterinary Laboratory

Vaccination of livestock, poultry and aquatic animals

livestock, poultry and aquatic animal drugs

درباره استدیو طراحی بهرنگ


Day old broiler chickens​​​​​​​


بخشی از توانایی های شرکت ماکیان پرور :

Poultry concentrate​​​​​​​


درباره استدیو طراحی بهرنگ

Label Products

تعهد به کیفیت اصل مهم ماست


Located in Torbat-e-Heydariyeh, Khorasan Razavi, Iran

 ​​Nikan Veterinary Hospital

located in Bojnord, North Khorasan, Iran

Barayand Negin Project


​با ماکیان تا سلامتی راهی نیست...
نیکان پیشگام در واکسیناسیون

Makian Parvar Sepid Shargh Livestock Breeding Consulting Services Inc. is operating in research, development and technical consulting services. Dr. Reza Ghafourzadeh yazdi, as the manager of the company, is ready to provide consultation services related to livestock breeding to improve productivity, efficiency, and profit for clients in the Greater Toronto Area.​​​​​​​

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